About me

c3Hi there! I am Celesta also known as “MagicalFuture” and at the moment I live in the Netherlands, Holland.

Since 1989, when I was 23 years I am self employed and over the course of 24 years I have built several businesses together with my husband.
This is a short resume of my works: Italian coffee importer (since 1989); webdesigner/webhoster; exploiteur of 45 own websites; cartoonist/illustrator; producer kids tv program; writer/blogger/; importer of Austrian pumpkin seed oil; host at rawfoodlife.nl
lens20950187_1365327296aaa_ caught_between_two_shoes_by_rajacennaI am the mother of Rajacenna; the girl who at sixteen became world wide known for her natural talent with hyper photo realistics pencil drawings.

Since 1993, after my daughters birth, I suffered from Chronique Fatigue and now I am recovering from that.

I like to do the things in life which I like and I write what ever interests me. I always have been crazy about everything which has to do with paper, pencils and markers. I also always loved to document everything that has happened in my life and therefore began journaling on a very young age.

Since 1972 I was collecting all sorts of stuff like pictures, cards, magazines, materials or books and random old stuff like toys and junk stuff. Recently I threw a lot of stuff out to clear my mind and kept the really “important” stuff.
Along with this website I will share with you all my memories and experiences which I “collected” in my life this far.
I hope you will be inspirated and use it for your own creativities.

My magical future
Our intention for the future is to emigrate to Austria some day, to enjoy the clean and beautiful nature for the rest of our lives.My Magical Future contains a perfectly healthy body and envirement together with my husband and daughter.

I also write for: Squidoo   Celesta     Rawfoodlife

How I started art journaling
As a child I was into drawing a lot; I was very fond of Walt Disney who, according to me, is a real hero regarding the fantasy of every child and adult. I borrowed all the Disney books from the library and started to draw all the cartoon figures.

I am not a real star in drawing like my daughter is, but I handle my way around with the pencil or marker.
My whole childhood consisted of drawing, scrapping and journaling. It started with a collection of Disney cartoons which I made along with a selfmade journal about everything that had to do with Disney and cartoons in general.


At the age of seven I intended to journal my own history journal together, but never came as far as one.
Than I made my own Duck journals for a long time; I cut out all parts of the Donald Duck news journal pages and combined it with all kinds of text and other scenes from the Duck magazine.


After my Donald Duck and Disney period I also started to collect all kinds of international actors and actresses in several scrapbooks. Aside that I kept biography journals from Charlie Chaplin to Johnny Weissmüller (Tarzan) and from Shirley Temple to Goldie Hawn. Then I probably knew all birthdays and filmography from each actor or actress.
A lot of my days I spend, sitting on my bed together with my scissors, Pritt, scrapbook and magazines.
The wall of my room at my parents even became one big scrape where I put all the things I liked included the medals of my Judo tournaments.

I got to experiment with drawing circles and stuff when I got a Spirograph set for christmas. You know the set with the plastic circle’s; you put your pen into the circles and twist them around. You could make awesome effects with them and I was very happy with that.
Another thing that was a “hobby” was to draw on peoples faces and bodies in the magazines with markers; that was great fun.

The most fun thing of my youth was to make journals with neighbourhood news every week which we copied and spread around the neighbourhood. I liked journaling all the pieces together and adding stories to it.
During my school period I turned all my agendas into one big smashbook with loads of doodles, stuff and pictures. My agendas were stuffed with so many things that they protruded out.
Unfortunately I threw them all away two years ago, because I didn’t know what to do with them anymore. I wish I kept them, but oh well: time to make some new art journals now!
I always found it difficult throwing stuff away; not that I am neurotic; I did actually throw stuff away many times, but in every little piece of junk I can see the beauty of it.

I started photographing when I was about ten years old with my own first real camera.
My photo albums and scrapbook really started to burst out when in 1993 my daughter was born. Of course during her childhood, like every parent does, we pictured and filmed her constantly. This we could extend when she got to be an official child model and got to act in series and films at the age of four. She worked for many big named Dutch companies and earned real money.
So you can imagine that this was the next chapter of journaling my childs career. Although I started a scrapbook from the day she was born, I could add great stuff to it once she became a model.

I kept thousands of photos in photo albums untill 2006 when I got my first digital Olympia camera. From then on I stuffed my computer full with pictures, especially when I got to photograph on the red carpet for our KidsTV program.
Journaling had gone to the background for a decade or so, but I kept on collecting stuff which I eventually all threw away in 2011.
Although I was photographing a lot and had become entrepreneur in 1989, I never stopped drawing cartoons though; I have dozens of Scrapbooks full with cartoon characters and worked as a cartoonist in 2003/2004.

It was untill 2009 when my daughter brought me a wake up call to be creative again. She had the idea that I would be much happier when I should return where I left off: being creative. She herself had just discovered the most wonderful and outragious talent one could ever imagine so she knew exactly what she was talking about.

With this website I hope to share my further journey to a magical future and I will also write about my daughters unique talent which I am (of course) very proud of.

Images credits: copyright Rajacenna and Celesta (MagicalFuture)