Finally this website

After 13 years (2000) of owning and publishing a lot of websites as a webdesigner, this is finally gonna be the website about who I really am.
Although I have my Dutch website (and I still have many other websites like, this will be the website in which my real creativity can be exposed.
In any case I will be making this site pure for myself; I feel I am finally arrived at the point of knowing again who I always was.

After travelling around in the entrepreneurs world for 24 years I found the real me again. It was totally lost in a sea of becoming an adult, being self employed and the chronic fatigue syndrome from which I suffered for twenty years.
In all those years the creativity in my head was always alive, but what I know now is that I used it in the wrong directions, in the wrong ways and for the wrong purposes.

I always wanted to stay in the creative mode, but life teaches you to have a “real” job to integrate in “society” like almost the rest of the world does.
My creativity slowly dissappeared; I couldn’t immagine how to make money from playing around with paper, glue and pencils.
Every parent tells their child to find some kind of profession; so I had to behave in a less crative way. Totally against my will I started to focus on wrong purposes and lost track of my creativity.
I figure then in 1988 wasn’t yet a good time to do something else than the regulars jobs; nowadays there are no more bounderies. No more bounderies means, doing what you want to do and find a way in maintaining yourself in that manner.

Now that I am curing and recovering from the fatigue I slowly become more relaxed in my head and can I now continue where I once stopped at the age of twenty: being creative again.

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