How to draw celebrities

As you could conclude if you’ve read the about page; I am the mum of photo realistic pencil artist Rajacenna.
Along with my future video slash tutorials, I will be sharing some techniques and informations about drawing also. Ofcourse all gathered and learned from my dAngelina_Jolie_by_Rajacennaaughter who is my own personal criticus and teacher.

I value Rajacennas opinion very much; she is always very honest and objective about things in general, but most important for me: her view about my art journal pages.

I would never publish something she wouldn’t like, because I know and see how very critical and perfectionistic she is with her own drawings. She has an perfect eye for details ever since she was four years old; her eyes can just zoom in to focus and her fingers copy what her eyes perceive.

At 16 Rajacenna suddenly became worldwide know and one of the best pencil drawing artists. She started her career without any knowledge and techniques for drawing and discovered her hidden unique talent.
Interviews on TV, radio and in magazines instantly became part of her life and many fans are daily mailing her for advice.
At that moment her professional career as a pencil artist took off and soon she had three agents from around the world.

Ofcourse we all know that the videos with the making of drawings from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber were a big success on YouTube. Her planning for the near future will be to restart taping her own videos again.
She wants to make some more celebrity videos, but this time she will cut the videos in seperate pieces which will be tutorials on, for example the eyes, the mouth or nose of celebrities.

All of this you can follow on a new website: How to draw celebrities

You can read about Rajacenna here:

Image credits: Copyright and permission Rajacenna
Pencil drawing by Rajacenna