Journal to a Magical Future

Art Journal to a Magical Future

A magical future; a really magical word that sounds as a magical outlook on anything that could happen in your near future.

A wonderful future is what everybody wants in his or her life; a continues “here and now” to be eternally happy. It’s a wish in where all your dreams come true; just like in a fairytale!
A fairytale; could a magical future only exist in a fairytale?
How many people really are living a magical here and now or are focussing on a marvelous future? Are you living in your magical future or are you already creating one?

I am going to take you to a magical journal where art has the leading role in the course of time. You will see that through your creative eyes you will be able to see the world at another level. Maybe a level which brings you more happiness, relaxation, awareness and more peace.

I am also in the blessed situation to have a very talented daughter who will help us with some great drawimg techniques. I am sure you can do your advantage with that privilege.

This website is based on a 47 year lifetime of experience in which you can learn from the nasty things in life and overcome the bitterness that goes hand in hand with it.
A website in which your journey to a more positive and inspiring future is the center of your focus.
Expressing yourself through art is one of the best methods to overcome situations. Art journaling is one way to so that and a fun and liberating way too.
So join me to art journal our way through life and making the best out of the best.

Magical Future will be a future journal to a better and more happier you.