Keep on going


I’m sure all of us know the feeling of thinking “gosh what the blieb did I create?”; the feeling of not knowing what the next step will be in the creation of your art journal page.
‘Keep on going’ also when there is a moment when you think “this page is getting me nowhere”.
It’s just like in life that we must keep on going with what you’re doing and sooner or later things start to look prettier than it was before.

At the beginning of this page I had nothing really in mind; I just wanted to have a more quiet page to go with his brother page next to him. Well I don’t know if I really succeeded, but I am happy with the color combination when I see the two pages together. I divided the two pages with a thread of dark pink wool; I like that colour very much so.



I used a little piece of ribbon to decorate the corner of my little label which you notice on the left.
I tried some new gel pens to make the “keep on going” in the right under corner; the page swallowed the colors so I had to try something else. Eventually I kept the “keep”‘word, used letters out of a magazine and a piece from a book that had “going” in it.
As you see: keep on thinking and inventing other things if it doesn’t worke out initially. Just keep on going ;-) ) !


- neo pastel
- white acrylic
- wool
- white plaque
- water colour paint
- ephemera
- wallpaper
- copic marker
- thin marker
- Faber Castell black color pencil
- ribbon
- hard paper (for the label)

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