Making an art journal background video tutorial

20130618-080730.jpgMaking the background of the journal page is a fun thing to do; you may mess up the whole page and it still is fun. Of course you use your instinctive creativity and let your hands go where ever they want until you have the right color composition.

Backgrounds or textures are the basics of your journal page. Once you’ve created the right basics to work on, you can go to the more “serious” stuff: the actual journal page. There are a lot of different ways to create backgrounds and you can use many different art media to make them with. The diversity can be endless, just like making the pages you can make endless designs.

You will see that once you explore your possibilities, you will want to make more backgrounds to work with every day. Sometimes it can be very addictive making a lot of textures and that way you will open your creativity more and more.

In this video you can follow me making a simple background using some basic watercolors, a little piece of paper for stamping and a piece of foam which I took from my exotic mango.

Since I don’t want to buy lots of artistic goodies all the time; I have to invent other ways to value up my pages with stamps or stencils so I also use some alternative stamping methods.
Furthermore I want to bring in my own personality and creativity to keep it original.
I love to recycle stuff so I used a foam that protected the mango’s I bought. It is ideal for stamping since it has a lot of various holes in it. Than I also used a little piece of paper and crumpled it to a fantastic little stamp.
Sometimes you can just use some simple basic home tools and use it for free as a great stamp possibility in stead of buying.

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