Paper alive and kicking


One should think that because of the digital revolution, paper will be eliminated out of peoples lifes. I personally think the opposite is true; nomatter what the digital revolution is doing: paper is still and probably shall always be alive and kicking.

You must agree that there is nothing more fun than sitting on the couch with your book, news paper, photo album, scrapbook or art journal. There is nothing more fun than looking through pages of memories, news or drawings and pictures. A laptop, iPad or iPhone can’t change anything about that wonderful lazy feeling of wandering through memory lane.
You can lay back if you want to browse nice quiet far more relaxed than watching at a high resolution screen which effect your brain all the time.

During the time when I was sick the computer always drained me totally empty. When you are healthy you probably have no idea what a computer screen can do to your alert system in your brain and there fore for example your hormones. It keeps your brain busy all the time which means that you use a lot of energy which you do need when you are kind of sick.
Now I am not going to prevent you from using your brilliantly invented computer possibities; it’s one of the most interesting inventions in history. What I like people to know, is not to forget that just a peace of paper can do far more magic to you and your imagination.
Although using too much paper isn’t that nice for the worlds envirement regarding trees etcetera. But that is another story since we with art mixed media journaling recycle from what ever is destroyed anyway.

20130503-170135.jpgRemember when we were in kinder garten and playing with paint and paper stuff. Wasn’t that more fun than we should have played on a computer? I think so since we are a generation who can comparise paper with digital things. Children who are brought up with a laptop and iPad in there hand don’t know any better and probably don’t even think about playing with paper.
I think the imagination of a kid can go much further with paper than with a computer, but I am no scientist or psychologist. I think it doesn’t even matter if I am one; my imagination tells me intuitive that smashing with real life paint and paper is far more creative.

For me personally playing around with paper and pencils has always been far more relaxing than anything else. It makes me happy all the time to create new stuff which wasn’t there before.

There is nothing more fun than the real world against the digital static world is my opinion. ;-) )

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