Road to Bali


The first art journal I am going to share with you is called “Road to Bali”. Not because I love Bali so much or that I intend to go to this wonderful tropical spot near Indonesia, I never even have been there, but just because I love the word Bali.

‘Bali’ is a powerful word with the letter B as main power so I only wanted this to be my Bali page without ever wanting to go there or without any meaning.
I just liked to play around with the colors that came across the making of this journal page. When I am looking at the colors it makes me happy when ever I see it. But than again I have that with a lot of pages, since I finish the page only when I am happy about my color pallet and composition. An image of Bali is even slightly coming thrue.

I struggled though with some neo pastel because you can’t write or do much on top of it. So I needed to coat it with some acrylic which gave more possibility to write on it.

I used two little pieces of (new) fabric, meant to make curtains from. I could manage to get some left over meters for only one euro at a local shop. One piece I glued on the left side of the page and the other in the middle; on top I did put some paste pearls to decorate the fabric.
In the left under corner I made a small pocket, cut off from an envelope so there you can keep some pictures or something in it.

- neo pastel
- white acrylic
- fabric
- paste pearls
- water colour paint
- ephemera
- wallpaper
- copic marker
- flowers: drawn & wallpaper
- gel pen

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