strengthcloseupThe starting point on this page has been the image of the woman; she is standing there forcing her arm against the world and her life. ‘Strength’ and ‘strong’ came in to mind and since the letter S is one of my favorite letters too, I used a large ‘S’ in the centre of the page.

For me the page stands for a new beginning and a new chapter in my life. Be strong and feeling strong has become most important words in the past twenty hears of my life. Twenty years of chronic fatigue had been very hard on me and now I am finally recovering from that I am eager to feel strong again.

There are two sides of the word “strong” or “strength”; for over twenty years every single morning I tried to lift myself up to be the strongest I could be for that very day. I tried to stay bright and clear in my mind, which wasn’t that easy most of the time. Always I was full of creativity in my head, but couldn’t let it come out because of the lack of energy.
Every time when I had some of that little energy, I could do some work or do some fun things. Although they were never that fun, because I never knew if my body could make it through the day. Sometimes that could be very scary and at the end of the day I always was glad that I was still all in one piece.

The other side is the one I am in right now; I am trying to get much better and healthy now and more times than ever compared with the past years I feel stronger. I know that this is going to continue and that there will be a magical healthy future for me waiting.
I can’t wait to use all my creativity the full hundred percent and make many more journal pages again.

Used media:
- neo pastel
- white acrylic
- water colour paint
- ephemera
- wallpaper
- sticker
- thin marker
- color pencils


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