What is art journaling?


What is art journaling exactly and can you keep one too or do you have to be a ‘real’ artist?

Art journals are also known as: art diary or visual journal. Art journaling is a creative way of keeping an artistic or personal diary.
In the early days art diaries were only made by artists and especially for famous artists that gave art historians a valuable inside in the creation process of their finished works.

In fact anyone can journal and maybe even without knowing it you have been doing it yourself. You don’t need to be good at art to art journal your way through life. You can express yourself the way YOU want to! Even if you journal only to de-stress it’s ok too. Take a pencil, paper, paint what ever and make fun!

You can express yourself, save memories or try new artistic or drawing techniques out in your journal. Saving your momentos in a journal as well as theme like pages is a possibility that people use a lot.

Me myself have a lot of sketch books in which I tried out all my characters; I saved them all for a later time to use sometime. Now I like to combine sketches with doodles, words and ephemera and make a big collage out of my journals.
The freedom of mixed media in art journals is really cool; it doesn’t really matter if you use pencils together with paint and markers.


Don’t worrie if you can not draw like my daughter Rajacenna; you can make your own piece of art with or without perfections. Anything can always turn out great!
You also don’t need to have lots of materials and supplies to get started. Everyone has a pen or pencil and markers and everyone has paper and glue in the house; just use your imagination and the flyers you get from your mail.

Always remember that journaling is always unique; every single page you make and in the future you are going to make, shall be an unique piece of art for always.
The compositions you make or made are always one of a kind and will never be duplicated by anyone else. You used the mediums and attributes on that very right moment in that particular manner. You maybe have used dozens of layers which nobody can see, but the artistic effect is always there to be seen.

On this website I will give you some fun ideas and techniques to use; I will share some drawing technique which I learned myself from Rajacenna and you can take a look at my work in progress or finished art journal pages.

It will be fun!!

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